Linda O' Connell

April 16, 2020

Cold feet can make your day to day activities extremely difficult. When we leave the house on a cold morning we don’t forget to put on a hat and scarf, so why forget to wrap up your feet? As a podiatrist I often see conditions such as chilblains and raynauds in patients during the winter period. There are a number of simple steps you can follow to reduce your chances of developing these foot ailments. Making an effort to keep your feet at a constant temperature is the overall goal for your foot health needs in winter conditions.

- Wearing thick, waterproof and non-breathable footwear will protect your feet from getting wet which could put you at risk of developing frost bite.

- Wearing one thick layer of socks or multiple thin socks made from natural materials can help retain heat as well as wick away excess moisture from sweating. Socks made from synthetic materials retain moisture putting you at risk of developing athlete’s foot (fungal infection of the skin) and blisters due to the additional friction.

- A long day on your feet can cause your feet to become sweaty. It’s no harm to bring a few extra pairs of socks with you and change them regularly. If your feet get wet, you should change your socks straight away.

- When going for walks, try to pick up the pace almost immediately. The increased blood flow from a faster heart rate will warm your feet, as well as getting you back inside quicker!

If you feel that you may be suffering with chilblains, raynauds or blisters, contact a professional today! Don’t suffer, be prepared.

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